Assignment #1 Summaries

Assignment 1 Summaries


The three little pigs:
One pig builds a house of straw. One pig builds a house of straw. One pig builds a house of bricks. The wolf watches and blows the first two houses down. He came through the chimney of the brick house and burned his bottom from a pot of boiling water. He went running home. All three live happily ever after.

Martina the beautiful cockroach:
Martina the cockroach was looking for a husband. Her grandmother told her to do a coffee test to help her make her decision. She did the coffee test by accidently spilling coffee on the her potential suitors to see how they react. The rooster, pig, and lizard failed the coffee test. The mouse won because he has a Cuban grandmother and ended up putting the coffee on her.

This is not my hat
A little stole a little hat from a big fish that was asleep. He was hoping the big fish would not notice. He went into big plants. The crab saw him and told the big fish where the little fish was going. The big fish found him and took his hat back.

Legend of the Bluebonnet
The tribe is asking the spirits to give them water and rain. The Indian she-who-is-alone has a special doll form ancestors burned the doll as a gift to the spirits. The spirits gave the land bluebonnets, birds and rain. They named her One-who-dearly-loved-her people. Every spring the gods provided bluebonnets to the land. Which is now called Texas.

Olivia wanted her teacher to get teacher of the year when she being evaluated. She tried to make her teacher look good but the evaluator got mad with the chaos. So the kids got together and decided to make her teacher of the year. They showed her everything they learned and put her picture on the bus. They took a ride on the bus and Olivia felt she felt she did a good job making her teacher feel good about teacher of the year. One night Max dressed up in a outfit and caused mischief. His mom called him wild things and he said ill eat you up. He got sent to his room as the room grows in a forest. A boat comes for him. When he got to the land where the wild things are he tamed them with a magic trick. They named him king and let them rump free. He missed home and sailed back home where supper would be waiting for him.

Paper bag Princess
A princess had nice clothes and a going to marry a prince. A dragon came and eats her castle and took her fiancé. She had nothing to wear but a paper bag. She told him to burn the forest he had no more fire in him. She told him to fly around the world. The dragon fell asleep. The prince got mad at her for looking like a mess and told her to come back when he was cleaned up. He told him he has nice clothes but, is a bum and left him.

Mirror, Mirror
This book is fairy tales written in reverse. They use fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Sleepy Beauty. Each page shows the one point of view and then the opposite point of view. It is good for the readers to realize that real life is not always a fairy tale. It also shows how one story can be interrupted many ways.

My teacher is a monster
This is a story about how a student views her teacher as a monster. The student’s opinion changes when they see her at a park. They have a normal conversion and threw a paper airplane together. The student realized the teacher was not such a monster after all. Once, she gets back to school the teacher turned back in a monster.

It’s a Book
A donkey and monkey are discussing about a book. The donkey is confused with what a book does. The donkey asks if it can twit and the monkey says no to all of the donkey’s ideas. At the end the donkey starts to read the book. Then he realizes what it is like to read a book.


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