Assignment #3 summaries


Cleary, B., Zelinsky, P. O., & Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress). (1983). Dear Mr. Henshaw. New York: Morrow.
This book is about a young boy named Leigh. He writes to his favorite author Mr. Henshaw. He writes him for years. He lets Mr. Henshaw know about his parents and his admiration towards his books. Leigh also gives Leigh a look at his daily life. Mr.Henshaw really gets to know Leigh and his family. Leigh writes about when his dad makes him frustrated.

Draper, S. M. (2010). Out of my mind. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.
This book is about Melody Brooks, a young girl who has cerebral palsy and therefore cannot communicate in conventional ways. The narration is due to Melody’s inability to speak or communicate in a conventional manner. Melody tells her story through thoughts in her head, expressing herself quite naturally in a way that is unusual from the way in which she communicates in the real world. Since the dialogue is different with many conversations taking place inside her head rather in time. She types how what she is thinking and feeling. There are some words in bold in the dialogue to help highlight important thoughts. The bold words also help the reader identify the mood.


Lord, C. (2006). Rules. New York: Scholastic Press.
The book Rules is about a girl named Catherine. She gives her descriptions of how she is feeling and what she is doing in her daily life. She describes how other people talk and express themselves. Catherine makes the reader strongly connected with her, and is able to empathize with her as she struggles to find her own identity and escape from the preteen pressures of fitting in.


Urban, L. (2007). A crooked kind of perfect. Orlando: Harcourt.
This book is about events in Zoe’s life. Zoe goes through learning how to deal with friendships, boys in school, her dreams and her passion for the piano. She has a dream to go to Carnegie Hall. This helps the reader understand Zoe’s attitude in having big dreams. I interrupted the ending as a place for new beginnings for Zoe and her family. With a new house they moved into she would make new friends and her new school and a new piano to practice and create more music.

Pastis, S. (2013). Timmy Failure. Somerville, Mass: Candlewick Press.
The book Timmy Failure is about a young boy named Timmy. He explains his thought and feeling about his life. He has a negative viewpoint. He insults his friends and teachers and his parents. He tends to make himself and his so-called best friend look incompetent on a number of occasions. He struggles with emotional growth as he states on page three that he has to overcome obstacles such as his mother, school, best friend and his polar bear. He is somewhat delusional with the real world around him.


Paterson, K., & Diamond, D. (1977). Bridge to Terabithia. New York, NY: Crowell.
This book is about, Jess Aarons is an eleven-year-old boy living in a rural area of the South who loves to run. He dreams of being the fastest boy in the fifth grade when school starts up in the fall, feeling that this will for once give him a chance to stand in the spotlight among his five sisters, and might win him the attention of his preoccupied father. Most people have been in a situation when they are good at something and someone else comes along and is better at it. The book has many twists and turns from them discovering Terabithia to Leslie drowning. The ending has a meaningful ending when Jess would continue visit Terabithia in Leslie’s honor and keep her spirit alive.


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