Assignment #2

Assignment 2

1. The book “It’s So Amazing” has the evaluation criteria of style. The book is informative startingfrom the beginning of reproduction. The first page is about meeting the birds and the bee to theend of the reproduction process being Let’s Celebrate an explanation of birthdays. This book isnot just informational but it has its own unique style or voice in expressing the information. Thepresentation of the information has animated, colorful pictures. The message of the book isexpressed in a comical way and comic book way of formatting the pictures. The author’s showsenthusiasm is expressed in the title being “It’s So Amazing”. An added touch of passion is shownon the inside cover when the author writes a note to the reader.
2. The book “Spiders” has the evaluation criteria of Design. The artful appearance is attractive andreadable. There is a picture of a different spider on each page that matches the information. Thepictures are real life pictures taken from a professional photographer named Nic Bishop. Thebook states the location of the spiders which is French Guiana and Costa Rico. This gives thechildren an accurate picture of what the spiders are supposed to look like. The pictures areappropriate and clear and placed appropriately. The pictures help the children comprehend thetext.
3. The book “We are the Ship” has the evaluation criteria of Design and Accuracy. An importantelement to this book is an artful appearance. The artwork is different from the other books. Theauthor decided to use oil paintings. Nelson’s paintings have been exhibited in many galleries andmuseums around the world. The author quotes he wanted the oil paintings to be breathtaking intheir perspective, rich in emotion, and for theses last heroes of our national game. The picturescomplicate the text. The author’s text is accurate information. He researched with books,documentaries, and films on the subject, and a number of web sites dedicated to Negro Leaguehistory.4. The book “Ballons over Broadway” has the evaluation criteria of style. This book is not just abook of literature. The illustrations and presentation of text is lively and unique, The illustrationsare a mix of watercolor, illustrations, collages, paper from old books to make paper-mache’puppets, fabrics and all painted or altered to illustrate what it may have felt in Sorg’s world.

5. The book “Rosa” has the evaluation criteria of Design. The illustrations compliment the text. Theauthor captured Rosa Parks’ essence in the pictures of her with great detail. The textures andpatterns of the clothing and accessories are realistic looking. The illustrations are used withwatercolors and collage. There is some strong verbal language used but, it stressed thedissimulation between the two races.
6. The book “Me…Jane” has the evaluation criteria of style. The illustrations are whimsical,childlike watercolor and ink illustrations make this book stand out. It has minimal text. It was anold-fashioned type with subtly colored illustrations with the use of ornamental engravings formthe 19th, and early 20th century. The message of the story is inspirational to young readers. Itencourages kids to dream big.7. The book “Primatives” has the evaluation criteria of design. The book is readable and invitingwith the illustrations. The author was creativity with the illustration and clear text. It made ahistorical topic become fun for children to learn about. Even though the book is short it is agreat starting point to studying apes.8. The book “How they Croaked” has the evaluation criteria of style. This book is entertaining withthe text but also with the illustration. The information it states is interesting and creative. Forexample, it notable Einstein quotes, Cremation 101, and Phobias. There is a picture of everypage from pictures of feet to bugs. The pictures are all in black and white. These colors matchthe front cover of the skeleton. The colors and words give it a creepy, deathly feel to it.

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