Assignment #4

Campbell, Susan. 2005. Scholastic Nonfiction. New York: New York

Hitler Youth’s story is set in the past people can still relate to the Jews how get tortured by Hitler. This book educates young reader on actual historical events. It explains who Hitler was as a person but also explains the role of the other main characters which were the Germans. The book explains that the Germans would kick the Jews out of their house. They would separate them away from their families, and if a Jew was walking on the sidewalk and even looked at a German soldier that was even in the slightest way a smirk or a glare, the German Soldier would just attack the Jew.  This allows young readers to have empathy for the Jews and how Hitler changed the world.


Curtis, Paul Christopher. 1995. Laurel-Leaf. New York: New York

The Watsons to to Birmingham, 1963  theme of this story is based on the Civil Rights Movement and the importance of family. For example, the bombings during the Civil Rights Movement, problems with Byron and Kenny, and so many more problems. Many of the Watson family members change during the story. An example, Byron changed from a disobedient child, to a mature, young man full of respect. This shows how our beliefs and attitudes change and evolve over time. When it comes to the importance of family, The Watsons are just like any family. In the end Byron learns how much he appreciates his family.

Nelson, Kadir. 2006. Jump At the Sun/Hyperience Books for Children. New York: New York

We Are the Ships theme is unforgettable. This novel had historical information and events in chronological order. Starting from the very beginning of baseball to ending with Jackie Robinson. Throughout the book as a reader you learn how baseball evolved but, as the historical events that were happening at that time. Young readers get educated on segregation.  Even though this book is about the past, baseball is still relevant today. Baseball is a popular sport to watch and Jackie Robinson is still remembered till this day. The timeless idea that is still relevant today is the issue of intergrading races. Making the decision to have African Americans play professional baseball with other races shows how society and sports have evolved and improved our society and baseball.

Schiltz, Laura Amy. 2007. Oxford University Press. Cambridge: Massachusetts

Good Masters, Sweet Ladies setting sets the tone of the story. The landscape gives the reader insight to the direction the story is heading. The author does a marvelous job description the village in the year 1255. Instead of the village being a fairytale place. It is explained to be full of lice and maggots.  The words and the illustrations connect well to give an illusion of a place you would not want to live there. The book explains drunken fathers beat their families, and children beat each other. The lord controls the local economy so that his people must grind their grain at the local miller. These vivid details help the reader completely absorb the setting and the story.


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