Blogs and Blog Readers

As a dance teacher, I do not read any blogs for my field. I never thought I would enjoy and learn helpful tools to help me as a librarian. After reviewing a few blogs. I found Mighty Little Librarian to be the most helpful to my future profession. She takes the readers on a journey from her first weeks of preparation to the end of her year. On the top left hand there is a meet the librarian tab. Her blog page is filled with a variety of information. For example, on the top right hand side there is a meet the librarian tab. She explains her professional experience and joy for being a librarian. On the side bar there is a option to select previous posts, e-mail subscription, ditching dewey posts, genre shelving, choosing genre categories, labeling the books, making the move, catalog changes, genre signage, and post categories. On of her blogs that is my favorite is called “Your Librarian Can…” She explains that she is leaving the school and will be librarian at a different district. She asked on facebook two questions. One to teachers about what are the most helpful and meaningful things that a librarian can do to support teachers. One question to librarians about what would you want teachers to be working with you to know how you can support them. After she received her answers she created a poster that said, “top 10 things a librarian can do for you”. I thought this was a brilliant exercise to learn what your peers expect from you as a librarian. This is a great introduction to what I can offer the school. She even left a file you can download form Flickr to use. This blog can be found at http://www.mighty My third favorite blog is St. Martin’s LRC blog. They explain a activity that keeps the attention of the students. It is called, “Pig the Pug on Holiday”. It is a stuffed animal pig that goes home with students who have read him a story. The blog is found at This is an activity I would like to try. My third favorite blog is from the unquiet librarian. She did an assignment where the students had to create their own poem. The students would then have a poetry reading. The librarian went above and beyond to create the right atmosphere and mood for the reading. She decorated the library with high tables with table clothes, microphone with speakers, and invited administrators and other classes to view. This assignment changed the students point of view of poetry. This blog can be found at